• A reference for vinyl geeks and graphic artists. Ms Kavel Rafferty's collection of company sleeves. Site designed and managed by illustrator Kavel Rafferty, www.kavels.net If you use any of the pictures from this site, please add a link to the site, manners cost nothing. Thank you.


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wow, this is a really cool and funny one! One of my faves here in a long time!

BAMm GRAPHICS & illustrationISM

this is my favorite too! who's the artist? i can barely make the name in the upper left corner...
kind of reminds me of the register guard bus displays in eUgene, oregon - using the back tire of the bus for an opera viking-diva singing...bass fish...a man opening his mouth for a burger...etc.

happy holydays everyone -
Mark Jaquette


The illustrator is Nisse Buske.


thanks for the info!

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